8 Instagram Reels Ideas For Small Businesses!

Instagram Reels has become one of the most frequently used Instagram features by millions of people since its release. Viewers who like to consume easy and fast content thanks to its structure similar to TikTok have made the Reels section of Instagram a new trend. More than 500 Million Instagram users watch Reels videos, produce new videos and keep this platform alive.

Such an active platform has of course opened great doors for many brands. Hundreds of businesses, whether small or large, presented their products and services to their potential customers using Instagram Reels and grew more than they ever expected. Especially small businesses that do not have much budget for advertising can still reach their customers through Reels.
In this article, we will look at 10 Instagram Reels ideas you can use to boost your small business and spread it to more people.

Don’t Miss the Trends!

In the constantly changing and evolving social media environment, trends come and go very quickly. We admit that keeping up with these trends is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with social media. By the time you shoot and publish a new video to follow a new trend, that trend may have already been lost in the endless internet pool.

You can catch the trends more easily by using various tools such as Google Trends, and we are serious, you can get help from a young person who understands social media to help you with this. Don’t forget to prepare the content for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween and Valentine’s Day in advance.

The Reels videos you prepare by anticipating trends, planning in advance and not missing them will appear in front of the right people at the right time and allow your account to grow. It will not be surprising if you observe an increase in the sales of the products you promote during this period.

Create How-to Videos

How-to videos are a great way to increase engagement and promote your business on Instagram Reels. You can use this type of content to teach viewers how to acquire a skill or knowledge. For example, if you run a business that sells makeup products, read “How to Do the Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup.” You can create a short Reels video that shows you how to apply makeup step by step, with a title like: Adding value to the viewers is the key to attracting their attention and you can achieve this with these types of videos.

Likewise, for a business that sells home decor products, you can teach viewers how to beautify their homes with content like “5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Stylish.” These types of how-to videos will both attract the attention of your existing customers and attract potential customers to your business. These videos also provide an opportunity to showcase your brand’s expertise and capabilities, which helps build credibility.

Create Sneak Peek Videos

Social media users love seeing exclusive and previously unseen content. Therefore, providing a window into the behind-the-scenes of your business is a great way to pique your audience’s curiosity. By creating a “Sneak Peek” video on Instagram Reels, you can excite your audience by introducing your new products, projects or events.

For example, before the launch of a new product, you can prepare a short and concise Reels video showing the design stages or production process of the product. This is an effective way to involve your customers in the creation of your product and increase their excitement. You can also create sneak peek videos that give hints about your upcoming events or show event preparations.

 This type of content keeps your followers engaged and helps you promote your future events or product launches more effectively.
Sneak peek videos can be a powerful tool to capture your audience’s curiosity and share the story behind your brand. These types of videos allow your followers to get to know you better and highlight a human-oriented and friendly side of your business.

Show the Production Stages of Products

Showing your audience how your products are made is a great way to highlight the transparency of your business and the quality of the products. You can gain the trust of your customers by creating videos showing the production processes of your products on Instagram Reels.

For example, as a handmade jewelry business, you can create short Reels videos that show the making of jewelry. This shows your audience that your jewelry is made with care and that every step is quality controlled. Likewise, as a business selling food products, you can create videos that show how products are prepared and processed. This type of content reassures your customers that your products are clean, healthy and produced with care.

Showing the stages of production of products also highlights the craftsmanship and care of your business. This can set you apart in a competitive market and help you retain loyal customers. It allows viewers to become more invested in the creation of your products and become a part of your story.

Highlight Your Employees

Highlighting the human side of your business by introducing your employees, who are the face and soul of your business, can be a great content idea for Instagram Reels. Audiences enjoy getting to know the people behind brands, and this helps create a more human-focused and friendly image of your business.

For example, you can introduce your employees from different departments or positions in short videos, showing their jobs and the daily operations of your business. This gives viewers the opportunity to understand the inner workings of your business and showcases the expertise and dedication of the employees in your business.

Likewise, videos that share your employees’ personal stories can also be effective. This gives viewers the opportunity to understand your employees’ roles in your business and why they are loyal to your business. Highlighting the human face of your business can help you create a deeper connection with your customers.

Before — After Videos Are Still Very Popular!

“Before — After” videos are among the content that still attracts great attention and increases interaction on Instagram Reels. These types of videos show viewers the transformation of a product or service by comparing its starting point and outcome. These transformations immediately capture the attention of viewers because they are often striking and satisfying.

For example, if you are a fitness coach or trainer, read “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks.” You can create a video showing a client’s body transformation with a title like. You motivate viewers while showing them how effective the services your business offers are and how they can achieve real results.

Another example would be creating a video titled “How We Transformed a Room: Before — After” for an interior design business. This video inspires homeowners on how to remodel their interiors while showcasing your business’s capabilities.

Before — After videos are a powerful tool for showing conversion stories and the true impact of your products or services.

Fun Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an important way to increase the credibility of your business, and you can present them in a fun way on Instagram Reels. You can show potential customers the value of your business, especially by using short videos of your customers who share positive experiences.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can use short videos where your customers share their happiness while eating or their delicious meals. This is an effective way to promote the welcoming atmosphere and flavors of your restaurant. Showing your customers happy helps your business leave a positive impression.

Another option is videos that show how your customers use your products or services and how those products add value to their lives. This shows the solutions your business offers with real-world uses and inspires viewers on how the products or services can be useful.

Don’t Forget to Get Inspired from Comments and DMs!

The power of social media platforms is that they offer the ability to directly interact with your followers and get their feedback. On Instagram Reels, comments and direct messages (DMs) can contain invaluable feedback that can inspire your business. Using this feedback, you can create content that better addresses your audience’s interests and needs.

For example, if a comment from a follower shows that they are interested in a particular feature of your particular product or service, you can create a Reels video with that feedback in mind. To further highlight or explain this feature of your product, this content can help your customers learn more.

Additionally, DMs from your followers or potential customers may contain questions about your business. You can create short educational videos on Instagram Reels to answer these questions and provide valuable information to your followers. Content that specifically addresses the questions asked is an effective way to directly meet the needs of your audience.

Instagram Reels is an excellent platform for businesses to reach potential customers and build a closer relationship with their existing customers. When creating Reels videos, you can use various content ideas such as following trends, how-to videos, sneak peek videos, showing the production stages of products, introducing employees, before-after videos and customer reviews. Additionally, your followers’ comments and DMs can inspire you, so it’s important to consider feedback.

Remember that Instagram Reels is a tool that allows you to create creative and engaging content. Engage your audience while highlighting your business’s story and value. Your Reels videos can help your business grow, increase your following, and reach more customers. You can increase the success of your business by taking full advantage of the power of this platform.

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