10 Instagram Hashtags That Will Help You Reach More People

Instagram is an application with a large audience that is used by almost everyone who uses the internet. Millions or even billions of people from all over the world interact with each other using Instagram. However, anyone who is interested in social media knows that this can sometimes prevent you from rising. Competition on social media platforms where usage is high is too high to be imagined.

Growing on Instagram is very important for many brands, individuals and organizations. Especially among brands, more followers and more likes are given much more importance as they represent trust. As BoostBlog, we think that you also care about this issue. That’s exactly why we’re going to look at some hashtags that must be used for you.

1 – #love


The hashtag #love is one of the hashtags that many Instagram influencers often use. As of 2023, it is seen as the most popular hashtag on Instagram and is very popular. Instagram users usually use this hashtag under their photos with the people they love. Thanks to this tag, which you can use under all kinds of posts without being irrelevant, you can make your Instagram post appear in front of much more people.

2 – #instagood


There’s no way you haven’t seen the hashtag #stagram before. This hashtag, which has risen especially during quarantine times, is still among the most used hashtags today. Millions of people place this hashtag under their posts, getting much more engagement and increasing their likes. It is a very useful tag that can be used in any photo, since it does not represent any concept or event in its name.

3 – #nature


Who hasn’t taken a photo of a natural beauty they’ve seen outside before? Everyone wants the wonders they see to be seen by everyone forever, right? That’s why the #nature tag exists. Millions of people place this hashtag under their natural beauty photos. Thus, these photos are seen by many more people.

We recommend using the hashtag Nature on nature images that you see on your travels, hikes or anywhere and want to share. This hashtag, which is on the list of the most popular Instagram hashtags, is sure to get you followed by many more people.

4 – #tbt

The Throw Back Thursday trend, which started in the past years and has taken the whole Instagram under its influence, is still effective today! This trend, in which users share their photos from the past, was so popular that it was among the rare trends that could survive until today. There are currently over half a billion images on Instagram with #tbt!

Our advice to you: increase your engagement count by using this Instagram hashtag now! You can’t imagine how many people you can reach with this label.

5 – #like4like

Here is that magic hashtag that will get you a lot of engagement: like4like. This hashtag is a strong trend to ‘exchange likes’ for users who want to reach more people. If you publish a post with this tag, all the posts on your profile can start to be liked at once. Because users think you will like everything on their profile.

Using this powerful and user-attracting tag, you can interact and easily help other people trying to grow their accounts. Since it does not belong to any photography concept, you can use it in any post you wish.

6 – #food

Here is the perfect Hashtag for those who love to share the food they make or love! You can attract other food lovers like you by uploading pictures of the dishes you want to share with #food. Liking other photos with this hashtag can also gain you some followers. However, we recommend caution when exploring this tag. Because you may be very hungry.

7 – #happy

A perfect hashtag to share the beauty and happiness of life: #happy. While sharing your happy moments, smiles and joyful memories, you can reach your content to a wider audience by using this hashtag. Helping to spread good memories, this sticker helps people capture and share their positive energy.

Remember that social media is a powerful platform for spreading positive emotions. The content you share with the hashtag #happy can make people’s days brighter and help them remember their happy moments, too.

You can also check BoostGrams hashtag generator to get new hashtags about your post! 

8 – #art

The perfect hashtag to share the power of art and creativity on Instagram: #art. You can present your art to a wide audience by sharing your images with brush strokes, color palettes and the traces of imagination with this hashtag. This label, which attracts the attention of both painters and art lovers, brings together works created in different styles and forms.

Using the hashtag #art, you can share your own creative journey or explore the work of other artists. You can find inspiring and impressive works that push the boundaries of art under this label. Remember, each piece tells a story, and this tag allows you to share those stories with the world.

9 – #photooftheday

This is the moment when memories are best captured! You can share your most special and striking moments under the #photostagram tag. This hashtag creates a trend to identify and share the best photo of the day. By capturing the details that make an ordinary day extraordinary, you can share your special moments with other people and cause them to live those memories too.

The hashtag #photostagram highlights the power of freezing memories and capturing beauty. While sharing your own point of view and aesthetic sense, you can use this tag to get your images noticed by a wide audience.

10 – #summer

Every moment touched by the hot sun is a celebration of freedom and energy. You can share sweet memories and colorful moments of summer under the hashtag #summer. Beach days, seaside pleasure, colorful hats and sunsets… Each one is a memory that reflects the fresh air of summer and the joy of life.

With this tag, you can bring your audience together under the sun by sharing the enthusiasm and energy of summer. Each image reflects the freedom and joy that summer brings and can cause others to feel this atmosphere. The #summer tag helps us celebrate the beauties of summer while bringing together warm and colorful memories.

Growing on Instagram can be tricky sometimes, we know that. This is why hasthtags are important. By using the tags on our list in your Instagram posts, you can reach more people and grow your audience.


Why are hashtags important on Instagram?

Hashtags play a crucial role in increasing your visibility on Instagram. They help your posts reach a wider audience by categorizing them and making them discoverable to users interested in similar content.

Which is the most popular hashtag on Instagram in 2023?

The most popular hashtag on Instagram as of 2023 is #love. It’s widely used by Instagram influencers and can be added to a variety of posts to increase their visibility.

What is the significance of using #instagood as a hashtag?

#instagood is a versatile and popular hashtag that can be used on almost any photo since it doesn’t represent a specific concept. Using it can help boost engagement on your posts, as it has been widely used and recognized.

How can #nature hashtag benefit my Instagram growth?

The #nature hashtag is ideal for sharing natural beauty photos from your travels or hikes. Using it can expose your photos to a larger audience, especially if they capture the wonders of the natural world.

Why should I use the #tbt hashtag on Instagram?

The #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) hashtag trend is still effective today and encourages users to share past photos. Using it can increase engagement and connect you with users who enjoy nostalgic content.

What is the purpose of the #like4like hashtag on Instagram?

#like4like is a powerful engagement-boosting hashtag that encourages users to exchange likes. It can help you interact with others and support those looking to grow their accounts by reciprocating likes. You can use it on various types of posts.

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